From the Creator’s

Although there are many definitions of the word “douche” (many graphic in nature and altogether too much to handle) we, the creators of “The Douche Next Door”, would like to assure the public that we are concentrating not on the graphic nature, but the cultural slang use of the word “douche” as pertaining to people that are socially defined as being jerks, idiots, fools, cretins, pinheads, simpletons, imbeciles, downright jackasses, and many other synonymous terms.

Can’t vent your spleen because your narrow-minded boss might find out that you think the only reason he is your boss is because he married a woman with an IQ twice the size of his? Share it here!

Are there members in your geneology that make you wish that you could prune the family tree, if only for the greater good? Before you go out and try to do your own gardening, why not share it here and purge those evil thougts?

Wish that guy in your office, classroom, church, or other social setting would stop trampling your words with stories of his own miserable afflictions? Don’t worry, we’re here to listen, share, and agree.

We do suggest that you drop by our disclaimer page “The X-Factor and You” and peruse a few suggestions we have to keep your freedom of speech consequence free.


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