The X-Factor and You

Who is your X-factor? That person that inspired you to come to our website and purge yourself of your negative feelings in a way that won’t end you up in prison?  The creators of The Douche Next Door were inspired as a group by the very same X-factor…we refer to this person as our Inspiration for this site. At the same time, we also understand the implications of bashing a person in a public domain, so before you start typing away about the source of your woe’s, take a moment to look over a few suggestions we have. You can ignore these suggestions if you like, but do take into consideration that we will not be held responsible for your actions should you choose to shoot yourself in the foot.

Our Friendly Neighborhood Suggestions

1. It is unwise to post a person’s first and last name on the web and slam them. We suggest a nickname (feel free to use the title “X-factor”). The reason behind this suggestions is, of course, to avoid dealing with your complaints when some kind of drama forces itself into your life because your X-factor randomly found this page and saw your post.

2. Post anonymously. If your name is Peter Griffin and your username is petergriffin, then you have basically lost anonymity, and the right to complain when Lois kicks your ass for being an idiot.

3. ‘Don’t be that guy’…coming onto our site and being a douche is not going to help you, no matter how good it feels. Although minimal cursing will be allowed, blogs that consist only of curse words held together by a few articles of the English language will not be tolerated.

4. Keep color out of the equation. YES, we mean skin color. A person’s color (unless created by a ludicrous amount of fake-bake tanning) is not grounds for the title of douche. We do not discriminate on this site. Any person can be awesome, any person can be an idiot, and they can be all of these things without reference to race, religion, and/or political stance (although we do acknowledge that many politician’s are worthy of the title Douche and do in fact celebrate these people).

5. Be kind to each other. We all have to deal with jerks in our lives, and generally bite our tongues. If you want to bash eachothers skulls around, get tickets to WWE or meet at the flagpole after class to settle your differences.

Recap: Keep it anonymous, at least a little classy, and racism-free.


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